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Retail Management System



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Retail Management Solutions Silver® Plus

If you are looking to add robust point-of-sale capabilities at entry-level prices, RMS
SILVER PLUS is just what you need – Plus more.
RMS SILVER PLUS is an affordable solution for the small store to install a
point-of-sale system. If you thought all you could afford was an electronic ordering
system, think again!

Imagine having the ability to know and communicate with your best customers
without having to enter them into a separate system. RMS SILVER PLUS will
create a mailing list that’s updated every time a customer makes a purchase and
provide professional receipts with purchase details. Gift cards, gift certificates and
layaways are now possible with RMS SILVER PLUS.

*It can even provide online credit card verification and speed up the card
processing from 30 seconds to 2. That’s almost 900% times faster.

All of this, and it’s RMS Gold or Platinum – ready when it’s time to upgrade as
your store grows.

RMS Silver® Plus Features

  • Comprehensive CB&M database
  • Electronic ordering and stock check to Anchor, Appalachian & Spring Arbor
  • Special order creation and tracking
  • Monthly price and product database updates
  • Songfinder
  • In-house technical support
  • Optional Tune Player software turns CB&M database
    into a listening center with more than 138,000
    music samples
  • Integrated Point of Sale system
  • Expandability from one P.O.S./workstation to two users
    (one POS plus one workstation)
  • Automatic price change function
  • In-house barcode printing
  • Gift cards, Gift certificates and layaway
  • Work orders and purchase orders
  • Internet training school


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