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Bookstore Manager's® Accessories


This handheld PDA SCANNER comes installed with our cycle count software package designed to track and then seamlessly integrate your counts into your RMS Inventory control solution. Makes your perpetual inventory cycle counting accurate,
quick, and efficient!


  • Employee scans the inventory, and QuickCount references the CB&M database, allowing the employee to add or delete titles and adjust quantities on the spot. The count file is imported into your RMS inventory control system so that
    adjustments can be made and reports generated

  • Save valuable employee time and eliminate extra steps between the shelf and your computer
  • Integrated with Bookstore Manager RMS Platinum and Gold
  • QuickCount requires only one employee for operation
  • Most importantly: don't lose sales by not having key items in stock and don't lose profit by having more stock than your store needs
  • The system operates on a handheld PDA-symbol SPT 15XX, 17XX, 18XX
  • Available with Platinum


"With the Quickcount we were able to do our annual inventory in our 8000 square foot store in one day. We have 5 POS's and predominantly use the Quickcount for books, Bibles and music, that way we didn't have to take everything off the shelves and log everything back in. I came in at 5:00 P.M. on a Sunday and zeroed everything out, printed my SLT and around 7:30 P.M. The rest of management came in with coffee and bagels and we were done by 10:00 P.M. - all with one Quickcount PDA"

Chuck Elliott - Jacob's Ladder - Coral Springs , FL


Tune Player
Enables you to play over 133,500 listening samples on any Bookstore Manager POS or Work Station.


Work from the comfort of your home or while traveling and never miss important information again!
With iRMS software, you'll have the online ability to securely access your store's inventory control system, no matter where you are. With a PC and Internet access, your store's office is at your fingertips!

Available for RMS GOLD & PLATINUM.


This option enables you to link your stores together to share data, operate central buying and receiving as well as to transfer items between your store in real time.

Available for RMS Platinum


Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC)
While most of your store's data can easily be exported into an Excel spreadsheet, we've
heard from some who are interested in directly manipulating that data thru Microsoft
Access or Excel. If that's you,then ODBC is the software you need!
Make your inventory cycle
counts a breeze with QuickCount!


Take RMS and your Point-of-Sale with you when you setup book tables at conventions and conferences and then add your sales and inventory changes into your store's RMS system.

Available for RMS Platinum


Order Entry
Allows for easy Phone and Mail orders and is linked to your inventory, order processing and receiving, and Point of Sale.

Available for RMS Platinum


Email to Mailing List/Email Special Order Notifications
Enables you to quickly and easily email the customers on your mailing list. You can automatically notify them of the status of their special order, send e-invoices, and e-statements. You can notify them of special sales or promotions, market specific products to customers that have purchased books or products of a specific artist before.

Available for RMS Platinum


Quick Books Interface
Export data directly from Bookstore Manager into your QuickBooks.


General Ledger/Account Payable
Directly interfaces with RMS, creating the various financial reports which help evaluate the profitability of the business.


Eye On Inventory
Allows you to update your Christian Books & More database integrated in your RMS package on a weekly basis with updated data. Also sends your SoundScan info weekly. Also allows you to examine your inventory by category against the best sellers in your region or entire U.S.

Click Here For More Information On EOI


Internet Credit Card Module (ICC) & Merchant Processor Services

  • Improve transaction time...up to 80% faster
  • Experience a significant reduction in costs virtually overnight

Now, you can quickly process credit card transactions at speeds of 3-5 seconds on multiple terminals by integrating ICC software into your POS system.

In addition, by choosing Bookstore Manager as your preferred merchant services provider, you may save even more because we cut out the middle-man and pass the savings on to you.

ICC and Merchant Processor Services work in tandem with Bookstore Manager's various point-of-sale solutions and will help you spend less time on credit card transactions and more time on saving money and serving your customers.

 Merchant Services Debit Transactions








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