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Retail Management System


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Retail Management Solutions® Gold Resource Edition

Bookstore Manager® is continuously working to develop products that address
your greatest problems as well as your greatest opportunities. That’s why we’ve
created the RMS GOLD RESOURCE EDITION, your key to partnering with
local church bookstores, not competing.

With RMS GOLD RESOURCE EDITION, you can position yourself as the retail
expert and provide local churches the tools necessary to manage a limited
inventory (500 titles maximum).

You can get as involved as you want to with RMS GOLD RESOURCE EDITION!
Whether you desire to completely manage the church’s ordering and inventory or
simply consult them on how to run their store, you’ll be the resident expert as
you supply them with tangible tracking tools that will help them excel.

The NEW RMS GOLD RESOURCE EDITION is a win-win scenario. Now you can
strengthen your valuable church relationships with our tiered price options
ranging from a fixed low upfront investment to low monthly rental fees.

RMS Gold Resource Edition

  • 500 title Inventory feature
  • Single user POS system
  • Integrated Point of Sale system
  • Inventory control and management functions
  • Automated returns and back-order report functions
  • Dual back-up systems for greater reliability
  • Automatic price change function
  • In-house barcode printing
  • Gift cards, Gift certificates and layaway
  • Work orders and purchase orders
  • Optional Internet training school
  • Optional automatic customer credit card authorization (Dial-up or Internet)
  • Optional iRMS
  • Optional Internet Stock Check

RMS Gold Resource Edition Features and Requirements


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